Rafting Fun

Rafting Fun

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


My name is Jordan Rockwell a 21 year old male. I was born into a normal family in Wichita, KS in 1988. This however being born in Kansas does not really effect my view on the culture because I only lived there for a little less than 2 years so I do not remember much about it. I was born into a Caucasian middle class family where my parents had both gone to college and received degrees. The language that is spoken in my family is English, but through high school I learned just a bit of Spanish. They were both working in the field that they got their degree in my dad an engineer and my mom a nurse. When I moved from Kansas I moved to the good old south to Athens, AL and this is where I spent the rest of my life up until college. One thing about my family though that will effect the way I view things compared to other Southerners is that my parents are from the north, Indiana. So even though I was raised in the south I have many ties and views that have come from the north. I was the second child to be born in my family and would later end up being the middle child of three(boys).

One of the major influences in my life had to be being raised in a strong Christian family and going to a Southern Baptist Church. This is something that I have been apart of for longer than I can remember. This however was just a going through the motions experience until I was 8 years old and gave my life to Jesus Christ and He became my Lord and Savior. From then on my relationship with Jesus Chris has been a major influence on my life as a whole and the way that I live it. I have experienced such a great love from my Savior that with my life I want to show His love and to be His ambassador to the world. This is the major driving force for my life and the Bible is a very important God spoken word in my life.

Some of the significant experiences that I have had in my life are being involved in sports. From a very young age I have been playing sports(basketball, football, baseball, golf, and soccer). The ones that had a lasting impression were golf and basketball because I would play those two throughout high school. They were all good experiences and would teach me many great life lessons such as giving 110% when doing something. Other fun activities that shaped my life were playing video games I also did that from a young age from Super Nintendo to Xbox 360. Getting to travel to places such as Arizona, Indiana, Florida, Louisiana, and Tennessee among others has given me a chance to see how some other parts of the country or cultures do things and given me a chance to see that there is so much more than me and my small town life to experience. I have recently gotten into hiking and camping and this has been a great experience to just see how simple life can be and how hectic school and civilized life really is. It is just good to get out and to enjoy God’s creation. In high school I would end up becoming good friends with a boy that was confined to a wheel chair due to a disease and his great outlook on his situation. This has taught me to be happy in all situations and to be thankful for what I have.

I am a straight male and have an amazingly beautiful girlfriend who sits next to me in class. I am a senior Biochemistry major with a minor in Biology at UAB and from this I view things scientifically. I am going to Optometry school in the fall of 2010 so my focus is actually in the medical field. I have no real disabilities or any amazing abilities(except a genius on tests).

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